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Dear Black Women, You're Worthy Of Celebration!

Dear courageous Black woman,

During this International Women’s History Month, it’s time to reflect on the history you’re making that changes the world.

Before you object to my assertion in place of other prominent Black women in history (i.e., Harriet Tubman, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, and much more), I want you to first think about common factors these women inexplicably have in common.

These women took a stand against the negative stereotypes and their depressing upbringing to turn around and show other people, especially women of color, what’s possible with a vision and a little bit of work.

Believe it or not, you deserve just as much praise as any other black female figure because you’re doing the same thing as them. You deserve to see yourself for who you are to others and how you view yourself, and I’m going to help you see the vision for yourself.

As you read through this letter, feel free to let your guard down for just a moment and open your mind to this idea. You deserve all the praise, and it’s simply because:

You Spark Movements Larger Than The Sea

Tapping into our Black history, you’ll take note of the number of black women who are at the forefront of the most influential movements of all time:

  • Civil Rights Movement (Ella Baker, Daisy Bates, etc.).

  • #MeToo Movement (Tarana Burke)

  • Women’s Rights Movement (Susan B. Anthony, etc.).

However, you’ve neglected to add yourself to the list of trailblazing women because you represent a silent movement that makes an even more significant impact among your colleagues, family, and friends alike.

How so? It’s all in the extraordinary actions you take to change growing negative narratives that aim to tear down what we women have worked hard to uphold.

Have you ever corrected someone who said something offensive, racist, or vulgar? You’re sparking a movement among others, especially women of color, to show more respect within our society.

Did you have to create a club at your school or place of employment to bring awareness to a cause that wasn’t appropriately addressed? You’re sparking a movement of change that needs to occur within various sectors of society.

Silent movements are some of the most powerful movements being crafted today simply because they aim to work behind the scenes to dismantle societal problems perceived as norms. You’re doing it for yourself, too. Don’t forget that.

You Sacrifice Unlike Any Other Group Of People

Sacrifices are inevitable for women of color, especially since we’ve had to endure those sacrifices all our lives.

It starts with sacrificing bits and pieces of our time, which turns into moments of our freedom, which adds to a lifetime of people-pleasing. Although there are rewarding moments in serving others through our time and efforts, there comes a time when we need a break.

This is that sign. This is your time to demand a break in the name of mental health and stability. Will you take that chance for yourself today?

If so, then it starts with taking these mandatory steps to ensure your stability and guaranteed time back to focus on you and your mission:

  • Weighing your options. Ask yourself if this moment or person is worth the sacrifice based on their motives and the potential outcome.

  • Protect your peace. No one and nothing is worth tearing yourself down to a lower level. Keep your expectations high and your disappointments low.

  • Cut out the leeches. If you were in distress, ask yourself if this person would come to your aid during your time of need. If not, it’s time to exclude them from your sacrificial moments.

You Carry The Crown And Rule The Kingdom

There’s a reason why women are known as resilient leaders in any position they dominate. From tribes to literal kingdoms, we are more than qualified to lead a group into what’s right and just.

Most have never heard the trailblazing story of Yaa Asantewaa of the Ashanti Empire, which was once where present-day Ghana is located. Just by understanding her motives and how she ruled her kingdom, you can see how her powerful abilities impact our modern society today.

Yaa Asantewaa is best known for challenging gender roles in her kingdom by advocating for women to become leaders in prominent realms and positions of power.

Of course, this was not a popular topic area among other kingdom officials. However, through persistence, dedication, and a dream to see other women use their abilities to improve the kingdom, she progressed towards those goals.

Her inspiring influence serves as a reminder that we have the strengths and abilities to rule over anything, especially our own lives, careers, and destinies. No one can take that drive that burns within our hearts to make a name for ourselves in the 21st century, and we can’t let up now.

So courageous blah woman, you got this. You can move mountains that others may deem impossible, and you have what it takes to make history and change the world through your abilities.

Use it.

Signed, a woman of color who wants to see you win.

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