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Helping Women At Every Stage Of Life Through

The AGAPE Initiative

This is AGAPE, a movement born out of the silent and painful struggles of women worldwide battling PCOS, Hormonal imbalance, and Reproductive Health concerns. Including infertility. These women face a harsh reality when asked when they will become mothers while painfully looking on as their friends and family have happy and healthy children. All they are left wondering is, "Why me," or "When will it be MY turn?"

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Creating a safe space

AGAPE is an open and safe community for women walking in their healing journey to find true community with other like-minded women along the path to motherhood, health and wellbeing. 

It creates a radically new lifestyle that offers healthy mourning, grieving, and healing spaces for women who have suffered child loss. It also serves as a sanctuary where women can connect and build relationships as they embark on their journey of womanhood, no matter what that journey looks like.

It is a space where women grappling with the side effects of fertility struggles can confidently rise to experience joy, hope, and happiness again. They will find lasting peace in and through their different circumstances and leave feelings of depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, pain, fear, and failure behind.

You are invited to join us - learn more about what we can provide for you below.

Ways We Nurture


See our range of support, from counseling to fertility clinics, for diverse journeys.


From support groups to community events and activities, take advantage of what we have to offer.


Join us as a volunteer to support our mission and make a lasting impact in our growing community.

Our Mission

To LOVE, empower and uplift women on a journey to motherhood, women at every stage of life about education on women's reproductive health and wellbeing.

Our Vision

To provide women with the support, resources and care they need and deserve.

The Heartbeat of Infertility

TEDx Talk By Agape's Founder Efe Fruci

In need of support or know someone who does? 

Story Worth Sharing

Have a story to share? I invite you to participate in 'Story Worth Sharing.' Your narrative could be a source of celebration, encouragement, and empowerment for others on their journeys. This initiative aims to shed light on your experiences, outcomes, and challenges, offering hope, potentially saving lives, and letting others know they are not alone.


Consider it your AGAPE LOVE LETTER to strangers who may become friends, providing the impact of your story in their lives and freeing yourself from carrying the burden alone.