There is an inherent lack of Black women in top leadership positions. At Odihi, we envision a “New world” where there is an equitable representation of Black women in leadership positions across all industries. 


Through our Changing the Colour of the Boardroom initiative, we aim to address the lack of colour in boardrooms by enhancing the skill-set of participants through rigorous leadership and board governance training, seminars, events, and mentorships programs. 


This program is geared towards Black women aged 26+, with aspirations to work in high-level business positions. Tailored to equip participants with the tools for success, this program will take your career blueprint to the next level. Preparation now ensures that when an opportunity presents itself, you are ready to level up. 


Odihi is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Industry Leaders, to deliver world-class leadership training on various careers fields. This acceleration program will help Black women develop valuable leadership skills, spur professional growth and make impactful connections to successfully land leadership roles. We provide access to the people, resources, and opportunities that will help ensure your success. 


Research makes it increasingly clear that companies with Black women in key leadership positions perform better financially. Black women have earned their seats at the table. Now it’s time to fill them! 


This is a 3-month program, that runs every year (Spring/ Fall). The number will be limited to 20 spots, ensuring maximum value to all participants. The first cohort starts this FALL September - November 2021, meeting bi-weekly, Saturdays at 10:30 am -12: 00 pm PST.


2021 Program has begun and the 2022 Spring program is open for registration.


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