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 *Nurturing women's health

Empowering women through well-being, community and insights

Women's Health Series

AGAPE proudly introduces the Women's Health Series, a holistic exploration of women's well-being rooted in compassion and unity. This series aims to empower and inform, creating a community dedicated to women's health at every life stage.


Beyond informative pieces, it serves as a platform for empowerment and solidarity, providing expert insights, personal narratives, and evidence-based information. Join us on this transformative journey to embrace the richness of women's health and nurture wellness at every stage.

Learn more here. Registration opens soon!



We have some amazing events planned for you this coming new year, and we cannot wait to gather together again to lean in, learn and continue to grow in knowledge, personally and professionally.

Sign up and Save the dates below for all our exciting events planned for 2024!

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Take your learning even further and connect with others learning alongside you in our community channel. This community serves as a welcoming and open space for you to connect with other leaders, share ideas/feedback, ask questions, and build your networking map.


Our Odihi Townhall, is where we welcome YOU to bring your questions, share your experiences, and partake in community-building activities and learning. These activities include sessions with guest speakers like our partners and wellness instructors.


The purpose is to give you a chance to connect with us in a live Q&A to learn more about ODIHI, and our services.

We will see you at our next Townhall community gathering.​

Returns in 2024

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