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Empowerment Of  Women And Girls Nationally & Worldwide

We are Odihi

We are an empowerment and resource community for Black, Indigenous, and Marginalized women and girls of color looking to develop the necessary skills to walk the career path of their dreams. Odihi aims to equip these women and girls to live an unapologetically bold life through an all-in-one supportive network and community filled with positive role models and free resources.

What We Do

We create better paths and new opportunities for BIWOC, marginalized women and girls through educational workshops, mentorship programs, community platforms, and social impact. We're paving a new lane for this unique group of women to make a lasting impact in their communities both locally and globally.

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We offer workshops and coaching sessions in areas to help unlock your hidden potential, from soft skills, leadership training, business, and entrepreneurship to career planning and confidence building.


We love and are open to co-creating with you to bring new workshops that help elevate you professionally and personally, especially those suitable for women and girls ages 10+.


It doesn't matter which stage of your career you're in because going at it alone will only drain you and delay your desired growth. 

Don't neglect the power of having a mentor by your side ready to help you create a clear career path, grow your network, make vital connections in the industry, expose you to hands-on experiences in the field of your interest, and help you create the life you've always envisioned for yourself.


As we believe true community strengthens and empowers you, it also provides you access to learn from others as you diversify your networking map.

We are a community center working to build that intentional, honest, and welcoming community with each other you need to live life and develop your future confidently.

Our Founding Story

Odihi was birthed out of the struggles and pain of women of colour (WOC) having to fight, crawl, and work harder to get to where they are now. The lack of BIPOC women in leadership positions is a gap and narrative Odihi wants to change. By nurturing the talents of BIPOC girls and women, Odihi strives to ensure they can achieve their full potential and walk in their greatness.

A recent NACE study highlighted disparities between the opportunities granted to white and Black college students. White students primarily filled paid internships while their Black counterparts mainly occupied unpaid positions. This study is an example of the barriers faced by BIPOC individuals and their underrepresentation in higher-level business positions and why Odihi is here to serve them.

Odihi is the vital missing piece in the puzzle of racial equity that will help BIPOC women and girls paint a picture, realize a dream, and create opportunities for others to thrive towards greatness.

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Online Classroom

Take your knowledge and skills to the next level with our range of online resources in partnership with Accenture Skills to Succeed.

Our courses will expose you to operating the business world with persistence through entrepreneurship, career planning, networking with professionals, job tracking, STEM, and soft skills. Courses in mental health, growth mindset, inclusion and diversity, and more will also help you grow your confidence and self-worth, something that all BIPOC women and girls must set as their life foundation.

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