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Get Involved With The Cause

Every great project requires great support and funding to succeed.

We would love to have you be a part of Odihi's growing community.


Are you ready to get started? Here are eight ways you can get involved. 

Other Ways To Give

It only takes one person to make a difference, and that starts with your drive to see change for BIPOC women and girls everywhere. Donating, volunteering, becoming a member or partner, or starting a fundraiser are all brave ways to contribute to our cause. We want to hear from you about your preferences and ideas, too.

Get involved

Your donations go towards supporting our women and girls by providing them with the necessities they need, including:

  • Access to our online learning programs, e.g., dongles for those without WiFi. 

  • Back-to-school supplies, hygiene care, and equipment such as laptops and tablets for those in underrepresented and low-income homes.

  • Workshop facilitators, speakers, coaches, and therapists to help nurture and empower our Fearless Girls and Empowered Women.

You can donate to Odihi with a monthly reoccurring payment or a single donation - we appreciate it all.


Corporate Partnership

Be A Sponsor

We welcome individuals, organizations, and companies who would love to support us through authentic partnership. Whether it is leadership training, soft skills, or consulting STEM training, we want to work with organizations that understand the value of investing in women and helping elevate them forward.

Please contact us at to let us know of your interest.

Are you looking to sponsor our events (virtual or in-person post-COVID) with supplies, giveaways, and products? We would love to hear from you and be supported by your business, organization, or company. Please use the contact form to reach out to us or drop us an email at



Be an Ally

Volunteers are the super glue to every organization, and we couldn't be more grateful to have you join our team and help us push our mission forward. Please fill out our contact form and let us know how you would like to volunteer with us (i.e., workshop facilitator, speaker, mentor, management team).

As an ally, you can make a measurable impact in the fight against racism if you are willing to take on the uncomfortable truths of your privilege.

Please help us impact the lives of the BIPOC women and girls we serve by signing up to be our ally and supporting our mission and cause today.


Fundraise with us


We are always looking for better ways to amplify how we support Odihi's women and girls, and one of the many ways we want to help them grow is through projects that will help elevate their personal and professional lives. Today you can be a part of that change by helping us change the colour of the boardroom.


With your support, we can help Black and Brown women to realize their potential by supporting them and helping them grow into positions of leadership and power. Click the link to fundraise with us and see how incentives from local businesses are our way of saying THANK YOU.

Odihi's shop is all about motivation and inspiration to empower you. Check out our newest collections and shop with us today. All proceeds from our store will go toward our programs and directly support Odihi's women and girls.


Join the Membership

Odihi is passionate about building an intentional community. By joining our membership, you will begin to connect with other women in the BIPOC community who are open to establishing solid connections and friendships with you. Our community is all about co-creation, collaboration, sharing ideas, and tapping into your greatness every day, starting with building honest friendships as you also diversify your professional networking map.


Click the link to join us or fill out our contact form for further assistance.

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