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Advancing Careers Of BIPOC Women And Girls

Our goal is to provide access to educational resources and training and to create endless career opportunities for BIPOC women and girls nationally and globally.

Odihi is seeking to change the narrative for Black and Brown women.

A recent study from Business Insider shows that out of all the CEOs in Fortune 500 companies, 37 are female, but only 2 are Black females.


This startling statistic is our drive at Odihi as we work to address the lack of colour in top-level business positions to change the narrative for Black and Brown women worldwide.

Through partnerships, our community of women will connect with industry experts, organizations, and companies that offer leadership training and mentorships to these women. From there, our mentors can relay their knowledge and hands-on experiences to help each woman establish a career path that aligns with their goals.

Illustration showing only 2 out of 37 female CEO's are black

Our Mission

2 black young women holding each other

At Odihi, that looks like:​

  • Provide BIPOC women and girls with educational resources, mental health support, and the guidance they need to succeed in life.

  • Working together on the shared blueprint of the UN 17 Sustainability Development Goal, especially with goals 3, 4, 5, and 8).

  • Leadership training and capacity building through our workshops, mentorships, and community programs.

  • Employing students for summer jobs and securing apprenticeships and work placements to ensure Black and Brown women and girls can gain experience and insight into their field of interest.

  • Helping BIPOC women and girls to build their network and connect them to various working environments that will help enhance their mindset, growth, self-belief, and more.

Our Objectives

To provide access to education, resources and training that equips BIWOC, marginalized women and girls with the tools to tap into their GREATNESS and become confident, self-motivated innovators and global change-makers.

Sustainability Development Goal good health and well-being
Sustainability Development Goal quality education
Sustainability Development Goal gender equality
Sustainability Development Goal decent work and economic growth

Our Vision

To educate, equip and empower Black, Indigenous, marginalized and Women of Colour by creating a platform that supports them to reach their full potential. ​

Our Purpose

To change the narrative and reclaim the unlimited potential for BIWOC women and girls nationally and globally.

White woman looking at the camera while crossing her arms


We strive to support our women and girls in all life aspects, ensuring they have the best opportunities to thrive mentally in their educational paths, careers, professions, and businesses.

The Team


Efe is the founder and executive director of Odihi. She is a professional career and confidence coach, scientist, CEO, TEDx speaker, and author, dedicated to building confidence and unleashing the fullest potential in women. With an extensive background in female empowerment, her decade-long career expands over several industries, including science and biotechnology. 

She holds a degree in Biomedical Science and Health Sciences from Oxford and a degree in Nursing/Midwifery and worked her way up from an entry-level position to earn her seat at the STEM table, a space held by too few Black women.

Her career and confidence coachwork is guided by one simple fact: an empowered woman today is a leader tomorrow. Efe's clients have included people from all walks of life, from students to top executives. She equips and empowers her clients with the tools to succeed and thrive forward with greatness. 

She enjoys travelling, writing, outdoor activities, and hosting intimate dinners and game nights for friends and family in her spare time.

Our Team

Board of Directors


Kathleen Johnson



Mayowa Soyombo

Board Member


Adetola Tamunokubie

Board Member


Mobolaji Rahman


Nancy -1.jpg

Nancy Anderson

Board Member

Trushna Kassan

Trushna Kassan

Board Secretary


Poonam Mahendru

Board Member


Leadership Team


Vanessa Luk

Writer & Blogger


Navneet Kaur

Social Media Manager


Sophia Moe

Operations Manager


Tom Fruci

Chief Financial Officer & Team Lead

Hana's Headshot Picture.png

Hana Farhat

Project Manager


Faye Dumbrigue

Website Manager

IMG_4344 (1).jpeg

Lauren Gilhooly

Funding & Grants Lead

deborah headshot.heic

Deborah Ojo

Community Outreach Lead

Our Commitment

We commit to supporting our young leaders in their passionate action for social change and seek feedback from our global community to ensure accountability in maintaining our values.

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