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Online Classroom

Odihi's online classroom is a library for personal and professional development filled with thousands of training courses to help you learn, grow, and advance to the next level.

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Personal + Professional Development

Our online library is accessible to you wherever you are located and available on the go so that you can enjoy learning anywhere you like. From learning on your bus route to school, in the comfort of your home, or at your favorite café, your access to learning never stops.

Registration Information:

Before accessing our workshops below, please complete the sign-up form to register and enroll in our online classroom.


Also, please check your computer settings by downloading this guide to access the setting instructions or contact us at for further assistance.

Classroom Access

Community Channel


Take your learning even further and connect with others learning alongside you in our community channel. This community serves as a welcoming and open space for you to connect with other leaders, share ideas, ask questions, and build your networking map.

Members Community Channel
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Explore Scholarship Opportunities

Discover diverse scholarships at Scholarships Canada – your ultimate resource for financial aid, grants, and opportunities, empowering students on their educational journey.

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Find the Right Program For You

Navigate your academic journey with SchoolFinder, your all-in-one destination for discovering schools, programs, and valuable insights to shape your educational path.

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