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AGAPE Resources

Explore our resources supporting women's journeys to motherhood.

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The AGAPE Support Program

Free wellness and counselling services to support women undergoing fertility treatment, suffered a miscarriage or on their journey to motherhood.

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One-Year Free Therapy

Explore your mental health needs with a therapist who understands women - especially those from marginalized and/or racialized communities.


Althea Therapy

Join the Althea Therapy community - a space focused on providing culturally-responsive mental health support to underserved communities

Infertility, IVF & Miscarriage


This video explains infertility in a caring way, exploring the challenges for those on the path to becoming parents.


Watch this video to see how In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) works.

Fertility Clinics

Explore our curated list of fertility clinics, guiding you on your journey to parenthood with trusted and reliable options.


PCRM Fertility Clinic

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Olive Fertility


IVF Canada

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Grace Fertility Centre

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Fertility Matters

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