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You Have A Purpose That Not Everyone Will Understand, And That’s Okay!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

When was the last time you felt misunderstood? And when I say this, I mean when was the last time you had to walk a journey alone? Ironically enough, if your answer was recently, then you are NOT alone. The last time I felt alone was when I told my family about my decision to become an entrepreneur at 19. Not only were they confused about my decision, but they also felt that as a Black woman, I should turn to a corporate job to have “more security.” I was defeated at that moment, as I’m sure you’ve also experienced that same defeat in your lifetime. At one point, I even contemplated neglecting my life’s purpose altogether. That was until I surrounded myself with like-minded people who taught me one valuable lesson I want you to understand: not everyone will fully grasp the purpose you have for this world. And honestly, that’s okay! In fact, it’s great! That leaves more room for you to foster other relationships with people who do understand and will encourage you to continue your pursuit without any hesitations. But let’s not downplay the challenges that come with walking down your path alone. As a Black woman, you will face various adversities in your pursuit of happiness. All of these adversities though, are meant to build you into the woman who can dominate on her own. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) Yes, the FOMO is REAL when finding your purpose. Why? Because of the neglect that comes your way when following your path. In the most extreme cases, families have cut off their loved ones for going against the hopes and dreams they have for them. Read that again. If you haven’t already noticed, THAT is the root problem. Your loved ones are putting unnecessary pressure upon you to follow dreams that don’t align with your values. And most of the time, your loved ones are reflecting the goals they wanted to achieve for themselves through you. For these moments, it’s crucial to set boundaries with the ones you love. What most people, especially women of color, forget is that we can set healthy boundaries with people with or without fully cutting them off. That looks something like: - Walking away from negative talks about your dreams and goals. - Not telling your loved ones about accomplishments with reaching your life’s purpose. - Working on achieving your life goals in your own space and time. - Cutting off your loved ones completely.

Self-Doubt and Disappointment Often enough, having unsupportive family members also means having self-doubt and disappointment within yourself. How? Well, because of the love factor. The emotional connection you have for your loved ones is rooted within you from the moment you are born. That bond may be unbreakable, and even during the moment of their disapproval, you begin to question yourself once again: - Is this truly what I’m supposed to do with my life? - How can I make my loved ones happy? - Is this something that I want to do? - Should I let go of my dreams to follow my family’s plans for me? - Is there truly no security that comes from following this life path? If this is you at this exact moment, STOP overthinking! If your life’s purpose is calling you, it will NEVER leave your side. Therefore, it’s time to embrace your purpose the right way, which can consist of: Self-Discipline: Practice motivating yourself daily to achieve your life’s purpose (i.e., blocking out the negative talk, consuming positive content, etc.).

Accountability: Doing what you said you would do for yourself (i.e., setting time to work on your craft, educating yourself using the resources available, etc.). It’s Okay To Walk Alone Our society has failed young Black girls when it comes to following their purpose. The narrative has remained the same for years in that we must fall in line with someone else’s rule and not question their authority. Well, what happens when we say that enough is enough? A whole revolution, that’s what! And on top of that, you get more women wanting to pursue bigger and better goals. That means more women of color in leadership and governmental roles, the healthcare industry, the business industry, and the legal space. It also represents a brighter future for the next generation of black and brown girls with their wild imaginations. So to you, I only leave one more message as you navigate this complex world: begin to get comfortable with being misunderstood. It’s a sign that you are on track to reaching heights your loved ones never imagined were possible. You are also not alone in your pursuit. Share your journey with us and others in the comments below!

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