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Let’s Talk About : Black Girl Healing

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Black woman in the wind with her eyes closed wearing a revealing dress

Without a doubt, Black women deserve joy and happiness, just like everyone else. However, getting to that position requires defying the battleground of the status quo.

Unfortunately the system is stacked against Black women. Tropes and harmful stereotypes continue to perpetuate in society, attempting to deny us of our #BlackGirlJoy.

Oh, yes. We're going there.

The notorious 'angry Black woman' trope stems from a history of the dehumanisation of Black women, beginning in the early 19th century.

Popular culture weighed in, presenting Black women as "bitter" and “aggressive”in films and TV shows, further instilling the stereotype in society, with devastating consequences.

The ‘angry Black woman’ trope is degrading, villainizing Black women, denying us the freedom to have emotions that are anything different to passive, submissive, and appreciative. Its weaponry used to undermine our sound and valid emotions. Let's be clear: we're always justified in our rage for the most part. Don't get it twisted. We're allowed to showcase our emotions just like everyone else.

Yes, We're allowed to heal.

For starters, Black women aren't an obelisk. We have diverse avenues of experiences, and we're as complex as any other individual.

We additionally have our own routes to peace and even healing. It isn't easy, and each journey to true healing is different.

I can probably identify several avenues to restore peace, and it doesn't take into account our individual and varying needs as individuals. The therapeutic method is as distinct as the people utilising it. For any woman, recognizing, seeking support, and prioritizing self-care is essential.

It takes practice and more patience, support, and much-needed self-compassion. True healing isn't a linear path, and it can take years to treat damage when you factor in generational trauma.

The reality is, we all carry generational wounds. You can't improve the cuts if you behave like they don't exist.

Let's start with therapy.

The central purpose of self-care is to keep mental, physical, and true equilibrium in your everyday life. Talking with an accredited therapist can be an efficient method to maintain your mental health.

The Black community has remained reluctant to therapy for several reasons, but it's time to break the stigma and normalize therapy. It’s not for mentally ill people, it's for people. Period.

Cherish yourself

Don't let society’s negative perceptions of Black women deceive you into believing that you aren't loved and cherished. True love starts with self-love. You should love the skin you're in, flaws and all.

Binge-watch shows or movies that remind you of your inherent worth as a woman of strength and courage. Black women deserve all the roses.

Guard your peace and Boundaries . Audacity is at an all time high. Don't ever forget; You have every claim to determine who is limited or straight up, not allowed in your space.

As a socially introverted individual by nature and by experience, I'm cautious of whom I let into my geographical and emotional space. Frankly, it’s a blessing!

Protecting your peace is everything. So surround yourself with people who radiate good vibes. Laugh to keep from crying. Afterall, laughter is good for the soul.


Your thoughts and experience are like water. You definitely can't keep it all in. Eventually it’ll seep through or you’ll rupture. I extremely recommend writing. It can be healing and restorative.

Start channeling the sections of your life from the: past, present, and maybe even future. Include specific moments of your journey that have impacted you over the years.

Healing is yours for the taking.

Just know everything is in moderation, and everything is possible, and you deserve it.

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