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How Women's History Month Can Be Celebrated

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

3 black women leaning on each other

March has officially crept its way through the door, and we couldn't be any more excited for the weeks ahead. Not only are we looking forward to planning new goals, but also to celebrate a special event. March is considered International Women’s History Month (aka, Women’s Month), and we want to help you celebrate in style. If this is your first time celebrating this globally recognized month, don't worry! Here are four ways that you can celebrate the achievements that women have brought to this world.

Use your platform to praise women.

The great idea surrounding social media is people's ability to share intriguing content they wish others to see. It's for this reason that social media is one of the perfect ways to begin celebrating other women for this historic month!

Often enough, women in history and beyond don't get enough praise for their incredible contributions to our society. They're often blocked out by other events that tend to get more publicity, and we have the means to change that narrative. By learning about the women in our past and current society and sharing their incredible stories through creative social media outlets, the wisdom shared by these women can easily be translated into ways that people of all generations can enjoy! From telling intricate stories on TikTok to going live on Instagram, there are a plethora of ways to show others around the world, your appreciation for women.

Buy from a woman-owned business.

Do you know what screams “I love and support you” to any woman in today's society? Encouraging and pushing her in any pursuit of happiness she hopes to achieve! That could be anything from giving her constructive criticism and advice to the ultimate sign of love: showing support for her business.

If history has shown us one thing about women, especially women of color, it's that once their mind is set on something, it's difficult to tell them otherwise. In business, women were outnumbered continuously in higher level positions and business ownership. Let’s be honest and say that it can be a bit intimidating. Now, we see a shift as more women fight for more prominent roles and open their own businesses to seek their version of ownership. Why not give them their flowers and congratulate them on their success through supporting their business?

Uplift other women in your community.

Each day, women often endure more struggles on various levels to make themselves seen and heard. Because of these struggles, they may find it difficult to progress in with their lives and purpose. It's time to end those thoughts today!

When a strong woman uplifts another group of young women, it builds hope within them that they may have never experienced before. Women of color significantly are impacted more by the words and actions of another woman her color due to that mutual understanding of what they continuously endure. Negative connotations and stereotypes plague them in both personal and professional life, and there needs to be a groundbreaking voice that echoes “you can!”

Go out and make history yourself.

We know that history tends to repeat itself more often than usual. Why not make sure that it's the positive side of history that's being repeated through your actions? The best part about the whole idea is that it doesn't take much effort to start today.

Knowing the history of women and women of color is the first part. You have to understand the challenges they faced, the struggles they had to endure, and the sacrifices they made to become victorious. Only then can you come up with your personal plan to dominate in your own way. The way you make history solely relies on the contributions you make to others and NOT the achievements you’ve gotten from those activities. Now, it’s time to ask yourself, how are you going to make an impact today?

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