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A Beacon of Hope

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Picture of amanda dorman

2021 became our crutch as we yearned for a break from the tumultuous events 2020 had brought. There was the constant fight that people of color had to endure due to social and economic injustices. And let’s not forget that mental health issues were on the rise due to these events.

A beacon of hope would soon come from the inspirational words that Amanda Gorman would spew on Inauguration Day. January 20th, 2021, a day marked in the history books for all women of color. The first and only time a young woman of color has read poetry at the transitional event.

Amanda’s touching words sparked a light in the hearts of Americans and women by encouraging them to remain hopeful. Her words and actions also sparked a more significant movement that all women of color are part of today: the fight for individuality and equality.

An Activist in The Making

Even as a young child, Amanda knew that she wanted to make an impact through written words. She began to write at just a few years old and would be captivated by the written works of other prominent poetry writers. It wasn’t until she was exposed to the written pieces of Maya Angelou, however, where she realized that women of color can make a more significant impact through writing.

Ever since then, she has used her creativity to build her writing reputation. Each of her poetry books captures the ambiance of groundbreaking topics, from activism efforts to struggles that people of color have experienced over time.

Now, as she graces the spotlight, she is making it known that now is not the time to back down. We as women should take this message to mean that we have the opportunity to make a more enormous impact starting today. Otherwise, we will repeat history again and remain stuck in a constant cycle of mistreatment and false narratives.

It All Starts with Baby Steps

Witnessing Amanda grace the stage on Inauguration Day did more than impact the nation with her brave words. It has also displayed to other young poets, writers, and girls around the world that nothing is impossible when it comes to chasing your dreams. If that passion is there, then you have the power to turn that into influence to make a better impact within this world.

You have the opportunity to start today, too! Age is never a factor, and neither is race when it comes to fighting for the right causes to make the world better. Amanda is a prime example of this idea as she has achieved some of her significant accomplishments at 23.

There’s never a blueprint to living life and fighting for what’s right. It can all be done most of the time by taking that first baby step to stand up for what’s right. Are you ready to take that step today?

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