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Society Has Lied To You: You Deserve The World!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Imagine yourself being a kid in a candy store. Imagine how amazed you were when you noticed all the variations of sour and sweet candies that would bring you the most joy to consume. Although you wanted to choose all of the choices available, an adult figure told you that you could only choose one and go on with your life.

This makes you feel pretty defeated, right? Now, imagine the same concept happening to women of color daily. This is the reality of today’s society and the pressures they place on women of color only to follow one central theme of their life. These imposed standards typically include the following:

  • Getting married.

  • Having children and raising them at home.

  • Doing domestic work and tending to others.

  • Relying on others to create a stable life for themselves.

Do you see where the issue lies now? The problem is that society has lied to women for years implying they can never pursue multiple ventures without disrupting other parts of their lives that are considered essential.

In the new decade, there is now a new standard that women of color follow: taking back their lives and making happiness a priority. They no longer desire to be the stepping stones helping other groups pursue their desires. Now, they are building a new set of stairs that will elevate them to abundance and happiness.

How have they been able to do this while various people in society still build those roadblocks? They tapped into their inner personalities and decided on the standards they want to base their lives on:

  • There life blueprint.

  • Their dreams and desires.

If you’re looking to change your perspective of what you deserve as a woman of color, then these two points are a great place to start. First, think about your life blueprint, which is essentially your central value in life. What do you stand for, and how can you represent those values as you continue to grow within your life?

Then, channel those values of your life blueprint into making your dreams and desires come true. If you desire to follow two different career paths, what do you need to do today to prepare for that ride? What steps would be easier to get out the way now instead of waiting to a later date? What life adjustments do you need to make those dreams a bright reality? The ball is in your court, and all you have to do is shoot your shot.

The point of the matter is that society has lied to you, ladies. They said that we could never focus on multiple desires at once. They said that we wouldn’t make it far, focusing on various ventures. They even said that we’re incapable of being the women we know we’re destined to become soon.

There are plenty of female influences in this world that have proved society wrong and have shown that we can still achieve whatever our hearts desire despite our race, gender, and age. Michelle Obama. Marsai Martin. Loni Love. Amanda Gorman. Angela Davis. The list of inspirational women who have defied the odds and made their dreams a reality is endless. Are you ready to be part of that list and make history for yourself?

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