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Black Girl Magic - Faith Odunsi

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Picture of faith odunsi

Black Girl Magic is a signature phrase often used to commemorate Black girls who display their melanin rich forms through various ground breaking actions. It’s an uplifting term also meant to show society and other naysayers that we will no longer accept the negative connotations and stereotypes that come with our ethnicity. Instead, we will physically show them the true power we have embedded within our blood to gain everything we desire in our lives.

This blissful phrase can be used for any instance, especially for any woman of color who wants to feel radiant in her skin and personality. This further signifies the importance of encouraging, uplifting, and supporting Black women in any pursuits they desire to take. In a world that wishes to shut us down, this is the bright reality that will open society’s eyes once and for all.

Faith Odunsi – Shining Bright in Her Success

Faith Odunsi, a 15-year-old Nigerian student, is doing her own shining as she displays her Black girl magic for the world to witness. Earlier this year, she became a world icon when she won first place in the Global Open Mathematics competition. As a result, she was rewarded $1,000, brought positive recognition to her home country, and ultimately, opened various doors of opportunity for her pending future.

Faith ensures her success in winning the mathematics competition came from her parents, who are both successful figures in her eyes. Her father, as she stated, is a doctor, while her mother is a businesswoman. Having a support system alongside her who pushed her to keep going with her competition is one factor that all little Black girls need to fight daily for recognition and opportunity they crave for their futures.

Her outstanding win also reveals the harsh reality as to how much energy women of color have to dedicate to breaking glass ceilings and making it to the top. Faith mentioned that her success didn’t just occur overnight. In fact, she has competed in numerous other competitions where she has won medals. This instance, however, was her time to display her Black girl magic as she gained recognition for winning first place.

Faith in Our Abilities

Overall, Faith’s story of triumph displays two clear messages to the community of hopeful young women of color. First, it implies that the world is in our hands as long as we’re willing to build our confidence, determination, and as her name implies, faith. Also, that our value to this world is much more crucial than we realize. Even when there are moments where we question our existence as Black women, our purpose for this Earth is much bigger than us. It’s time for us to tap into that purpose to make our countries, our societies, and the world a safer place for us.

Faith already has this idea in mind. Now that new opportunities are knocking at her door, she plans on expanding her education through studying abroad once she graduates. She hopes to take full advantage of the rich resources schools abroad can provide for her and advancing in her life afterward. We’re rooting for you, Faith!

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