We live in a world where Black women and girls face greater barriers in accessing resources and support, getting jobs and particularly well-paid jobs, and advancing in their careers compared to their white counterparts. 

Though the present seems bleak, at Odihi we are setting our sight on the future. Through our platform, we provide Black women and girls opportunities to learn, grow and build confidence in their abilities to become leaders and trailblazers. Our platform exists to equip Black females with the tools to resist the status quo and liberate themselves. To go from merely surviving to THRIVING. 


We only collaborate and partner with screened companies and organizations to bring you the best opportunities (job openings, summer programs, and apprenticeships) that we believe will significantly enhance your professional and personal growth.


By joining our membership, you’ll also gain access to a supportive network of unapologetic, ambitious Black female students, professionals, entrepreneurs, founders, and individuals who are hungry for knowledge, advancement, and community. We believe in the power of women supporting women through collaborations and lasting relationships. By making visible, celebrating, and connecting with other Black females desiring to smash glass ceilings, our community is inspired to aspire to more. 


What we know for sure is that when supported, encouraged, equipped, and empowered, Black females are unstoppable!

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