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The Female Flash: Top 3 Lessons WOC Can Learn From Sha'Carri Richardson

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Sha'Carr Richardson sitting on the podium with a flower bouquet

Imagine yourself as the woman you hope to become within the following year. Is she in a better position than you’re in currently? Does she make wiser decisions to reach her full potential? Will she channel her Black Girl Magic to aim for the stars?

It’s insane how much we, as women of color, can achieve our greatness through tapping into our Black Girl Magic! Not only does it allow us to push through the impossible, but it proves to ourselves that we are capable of more than we thought initially.

Now, one question remains: what does Black Girl Magic look like today? Sha’Carri Richardson, now dubbed the fastest woman in America, is our latest display of this power in today’s age. Her tremendous efforts and hard work to make her Olympic dreams a reality serve as an example of what women of color are always capable of doing.

The best part about Black Girl Magic is its ability to teach you valuable lessons that guide you down your self-discovery journey. If you’re skeptical of that, here are the three lessons we can learn from Sha’Carri’s recent win.

Our Looks Don’t Define Us

All eyes were on Sha’Carri as she competed to represent America during the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. As she crossed the finish line, solidifying her win and spot in the track and field category, commentators couldn’t help but point out the following features about her:

  • Her orange hair.

  • Her long and colorful nails.

  • Her long lashes.

Indeed, it’s rare to witness a star athlete drenched in glam during one of the most life-changing moments of her life. Sha’Carri, however, knew that it was necessary to feel her best as she completed one of her best performances.

Her growing confidence only helped her grow in her truth and change the game for various sports. As a woman of color, you should also walk in your truth no matter how society may view you based on your looks. Looks will never define you; only your actions can do that in your favor.

Being Yourself Is The Key To Success

As Sha’Carri continues to build her legacy, she invites others to come along the journey with her. Her Instagram page, @carririchardson_, displayed her whole trip to the Olympics from start to present.

Through each scroll, you’ll find that she’s a confident and resilient woman of color who hails from the Dallas area. You’ll also notice the following attributes about her:

  • She’s appreciative and loving. She is often seen posing with family and giving thanks to those who have coached and supported her.

  • She’s not afraid to speak up for the black community. She recently made a post encouraging others, specifically people of color, to vote during the most recent elections in America.

  • She loves to express herself. She wants you to know that she’s more than just an athlete, as one of her posts implies. She enjoys making her statements through stellar fashion and creative, motivational posts.

  • She’s passionate about her ultimate goal. She is never afraid to turn up the heat to show you she’s ready to work. She wants you to see her radiating confidence and know that you cannot sleep on her and her abilities.

Being a woman of color often means having your voice and personality suppressed while others walk over your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Sha’Carri is here to say no more while also showing women of color like you to show the world your true personality while breaking barriers.

When Society Counts You Out, You Pave A New Road

Sha’Carri always knew that her road to the Olympics would not be an easy one. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, she often talked about her struggles and sacrifices to get to the position she’s at now at 21-years-old.

As stated in multiple interviews in 2019, her ultimate goal was always to compete in the Olympics. When she set her sights on attending Louisiana State University (LSU), she knew that would mean more hard work and focus on ensuring her significant goal became a reality.

Not only has she focused on her academics and training during this time, but she has done so while also maintaining tight-knit relationships with friends, family, and supporters. Did I forget to mention that she also won several track and field competitions during her high school and college days that put her on the map as well?

If Sha’Carri can juggle her growing career while also making time for the critical moments in her life, then you can as well! You compete with yourself, and no one can steer you away from what you aim to achieve.

The World Is In Your Hands

Sha’Carri has indicated that she will never stop pushing towards her ultimate life goal. Based on her grit and determination, would you want to do the same for yourself?

Women of color continue to dominate in various life components, from business settings to sports settings. There’s no sign of this trend stopping now, and you are the next woman to take over in your desired industry.

Whether you’re trying to grow your current career or make a new name for yourself, use these three lessons to get you ahead of the game. You’ll thank yourself down the line when you’re living a much happier and productive life, the one you’ve always wanted for yourself.

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