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Entrepreneurship [6- Week Course]

Learn about business planning and taking your ideas to the next level.
Entrepreneurship  [6- Week Course]

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Rescheduled to 2022!
Zoom Online Event

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Rescheduled. New Date Coming Soon! Apologies for the inconvenience.  

The ultimate goal of the Entrepreneurship Essentials course, in addition to providing you with the foundational knowledge of entrepreneurship, it is also to successfully enable each individual to develop a strong business plan. Each topic contains a series of business plan activities. These activities prompt you to develop each section of your business plan by using the concepts learned in the topic. Before beginning the course, each participant will receive a Business Plan Activity Manual. We encourage you to uses this manual to work through each business plan activity as you progress through the course. You are responsible to spend 5 minutes at home prior to beginning each activity.

Materials Required:

The following materials are required for the successful completion of the 6-week Entrepreneurship Essentials Course:

• Computer

• Business Plan Activity Manual (one per participant)


  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship - 
  2. Business Planning - 
  3.  Markets and Marketing - 
  4. Costing and pricing - 
  5. Good Record Keeping - 
  6. Business Management - 

Course Conclusion:

We will be hosting a "Pitch Your Business Plan Competition" for a chance to get feedback and win prizes. 

*Note*: Signing up to this course, you are committing to attend all 6-week session to fully benefit from this course.

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