For our Empowered Women:

Are you ready to grow in your professional and personal life?

Are you between the age of 18-25 years old?

We have mentors ready to support you at wherever stage of life or career you're in. Don't go at it alone when you can have a mentor who is ready to help you create a clear career path, grow your network/make vital connections in the industry, expose you to hands-on experiences in the field of your interest and help you create the life you envision for yourself.


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Flik X Odihi

Powered by FLIK, offered by Odihi

We have partnered with Flik to connect our mentees with Female Founder Mentors from across the world to gain industry experiences through meaningful apprenticeships.


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For our Fearless Girls.

Children are the future. We want to ensure that their dreams, passions and needs are nurtured early on, so they can step into the world knowing their worth, their value and their strength. Only then, will they be confident going after what is rightfully theirs.


Open to Black girls age 10-17 years, we welcome you to join our program.  You'll have the opportunity to learn about STEM, coding, leadership, self-confidence, mental health, body image positivity and more. At Odihi we believe that every girl deserves to have the support they need to unleash the greatness within them.


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*Parents and guardians will need to complete the registration form for their children. Please complete one form per child.*



Passionate about empowering women?

We would love to hear from you and welcome you to Odihi's team. We are looking for motivated individuals who would like to be our in-house workshop facilitators, coaches, and speakers for our programs and events.

So if this is you, click on the link below to apply today. Together we will change the colour of the boardroom by getting Black females in leadersip poitions. 

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