Invest in the professional advancement of Black women

Living in the intersection of two marginalized groups, Black women face specific, unique challenges and continue to experience occupational and economic disadvantages that reflect the ways both race and gender affect their work experiences.


Black women are usually underrepresented in professional, high-status jobs and when companies put measures into place that focus on achieving more gender diversity, Black women often lose out unless there is an explicit focus on race as well as gender.


Black women are working smart, learning the tricks of the trade, and outperforming their competitors in almost every industry. What Black women lack is not talent, knowledge, expertise, or skill. It’s opportunity. And allies wield tremendous power to provide those opportunities.


Odihi’s Ally Membership provides a tangible way for organisations to make a conscious effort to stand in solidarity with the Black community by investing into the advancement of Black women and in doing so, honour company statements around commitments to advancing racial equity.

Read more about intentional Allyship and Shanna's story here.

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